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About us

The town of Kastav was built on a 365m high hill overlooking the Kvarner Bay in the northern part of the Adriatic coast. It is in close vicinity of Rijeka, the largest port in Croatia, and the Opatija Riviera, one of the popular tourist destinations in Croatia.

Rising above towns teeming with activity, Kastav has managed to preserve its rich history, its valuable architectural monuments, its culture, tradition, and its untouched nature over many centuries. At the same time, keeping up with the times, it developed an up to date entrepreneurial spirit reflected in both attractive and unique tourist offers as well as in traditional industries. Kastav can offer an exquisite blend of delights and business opportunities to every visitor.

Kastav has it all - from high quality music and stage performances to folk festivals and carnival parties, from recreation in nature to visits to museums and landmarks, always accompanied with first class gastronomic and oenological delights.


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