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Kastav's Town Day is celebrated on 6th June in memory of the victims of WWII. After paying respects to the vicitims a formal session of the Town’s Councils is held in the Municipal Loggia where an award ceremony takes place and when annual and life achievement awards for members and organisations who have contributed to the town's development and growth are presented.
The Spinčići Music Society has been organising an International Wind Orchestra Festival since 1996. in honour of the Town’s Day. By inviting orchestras from Croatia and Europe to participate in the event, they have connected the musical tradition of the Kastav region with the successful promotion of the city. Numerous wind orchestras have fond memories of the festival and the city and many visitors can enjoy inspirational music performances of Croatian and international wind orchestras. Since 1997, the Children's Day has been held. This all-day event includes various creative workshops for children of all ages. Among them is Mića slikarska radionica, art workshop for children held annually since 2003 and bringing together pre-school and elementary shool children who draw and paint Kastav. This event's aim is to boost children's creativity and encouraging them to cherish their hometown.

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