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The Kastav region has always been known for its high-quality craftsmanship. Even today, the town's economy is marked by small and medium scaled enterprises and just a few larger firms. Besides the fact that those kinds of businesses have good prospects in present day economic conditions, with such an economic structure the Kastav region is preserving its natural and cultural heritage persisting on the development of ecologically acceptable activities in accordance with sustainable development trends.The town of Kastav has signed The Aalbor Charter – a charter for the sustainable development of European cities in the 21st century joining around 400 cities from 35 European countries.

As the Kastav region is the gateway for many people arriving from inland heading towards the Adriatic, the town of Kastav is engaged in expanding the accommodation space and the accompanying tourist programmes.

The Tradesmen’s Association is supporting the economy of Kastav and the neighbouring districts of Klana, Viškovo and Jelenje and is engaged in helping tradesmen to present themselves at various fairs.

Kastav's cultural and historical heritage is recognised through its evaluation in the economic sense.
Kastav made a step forward in cooperation with the Croatian Agency for Tourism Investment Promotion; the Kastav Kaštel, a particularly valuable cultural monument, whose one wing today hosts the seat of the Town Administration, has been assessed as a potentially valuable object for enhancing tourist accommodation offering. In 2010, the first hotel in Kastav was opened in this building.