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1. Kastav - Eco-trail - Majevi vrh - Kastav trail

Starting at the Fortica (where the map of all the trails is situated) this walk through Loza leads from the old part of the town and across Crekvina. Just a step away from the arcades and one can be in the woods.

Follow the wide pathway until the eco-trail sign decorated by the children of Kastav and then turn left to the first logging road. Turn left uphill and then take a turn right following the yellow and blue marks to the narrower road. When you reach two large pits, so-called japnenice, which once served as the place for making lime from the rocks, take a turn left towards the narrower road across the Old Rappallo border and walk past the karst rocks and round karst valleys until you reach the next yellow and blue mark.

It is also possible to climb the Majevi peak (411m). Then take a turn left to the fenced karst valley and the area beneath the butcher's broom and between stonewalls up to the logging road and the overhead power lines along the abandoned well up to the cross at the crossing at Spinčić breg. Follow the logging road to the left in the direction of Kastav up to the paved road on the Belićev breg (the Belic hill) and again to the left through Brnini village back to the Fortica.

Trail length: 5.27 km, tour time approximately 1 hour 40 minutes.

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