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Atelier iArte

Where art is a call to beauty… The Cvetković family fashion boutique was founded in the 1970s as the first art space in Kastav. In 2013, it was transformed into a multi-purpose space for the creation and display of artworks with the aim of presenting the art of living (painting, sculpture, photography, fashion, interior design, culinary art, etc.). Slavko Cvetković, Ph.D. (born in Rijeka in 1973), a psychologist by profession, is an international artist who has created and displayed works in Europe, Brazil and Russia. Italy, as the cradle of artistic creation, culture and inspiration, has since the 1990s played an active role in the creative process of artists. The iArte by Slà atelier promotes iArte arts in the spreading of culture as a way of life and the identity of the successful person.

Mobile phone:
+385 (0)98 340 039

E-mail: sla@iarte.eu

Website: www.iarte.eu


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