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3. Kastav – Jelovičani – Breza – Mačkov vrh – Šparožna jama – Stanić – Brajani – Kastav trail

The trail starts at Fortica and leads along the Crekvina arcades to the logging road next to the eco-trail sign. Continue walking further up the road up to the junction with the Jelovičan road.

Take a right turn and continue walking until the village of Jelovčani along the water-well and the road to Breza and then turn left to the logging road and the Sebenjino hunting lodge. Follow the trail to the right of the old watchtower and the boundary stone from the 1920. At this point, you are close to the village of Breza which was burned to the ground during WWII. Follow the trail along the church and cemetery up to the Mačkov vrh resting-place.

On the left, there is a road that ascends to the Mačkov brijeg, the highest peak in the Kastav area (504m), with a magnificent view of both the Kastav hinterland up to Mount Učka and Gorski Kotar as well as the Kvarner Bay. Descend back to the road until the Šparožna jama (a tour is possible with the speleologists from the speleological association Estevela Kastav).

Follow the trail to the Stanić resting-place (it is possible to climb Stanić peak which is 465m high) from which the road descends to Brajani village, along the abandoned village of Cari and Spinčićev breg (Spinčić hill) in the direction of Kastav, through Brnini village to Fortica.

Trail length: 14.37 km, tour time approximately 5 hours.


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