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1. Alley of Splendours

Vladimir Nazor, the famous Croatian writer who spent ten years as the headmaster of Kastav's Primary School Teacher’s Training College where he started to use čakavian dialect (link to the song), greets visitors at the beginning of the alley. A few steps uphill there is a bust of Ivan Matetić Ronjgov, a musicologist and a composer who set the theoretical basis of the so-called Istrian scale and a true lover of this region who painstakingly collected and noted the musical heritage of Istria, Primorje and the northern Adriatic islands. Based on those national treasures he wrote many authentic pieces of music. (see link to the article on Istrian scale)
Next are the busts of the Istrian trio - Vjekoslav Spinčić, Matko Laginja and Matko Mandić - renowned for their enlightening work during the second half of the 19th century and the struggle for national, economic and political rights of the inhabitants of this area.

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