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5. Municipal Loggia

This building designated for public gatherings was built in 1571. The town’s council held sessions there and if necessary, it served as a courtroom where those who violated legal regulations of Zakon grada Kastva od leta 1400. (The Law of the City of Kastav from 1400) were tried. Centuries-old common law was recorded in the glagolitic script and the vernacular language at the very beginning of the 15th century. Later translations into Latin, German and Italian were also found and preserved. The law mentions Bela nedeja, a festival honouring the new wine which still takes place on the first Sunday in October.
The people of Kastav gathered in the Municipal Loggia for fun and dances during Bela nedeja and other annual fairs. Kastav’s Municipal Loggia is the biggest, and the best preserved in the Kvarner region.

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