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10. Lokvina, Kaštel and the Church of the Holy Trinity

At the heart of the town is Lokvina, the main town square. Ever since the beginning of the 15th century the old Kaštel has been situated there. It was inhabited by kapitans - governors who ruled the town and the surrounding area on behalf of the owner. Alongside the Kaštel is the Church of the Holy Trinity. The square was named after a pond in which rainwater for the town's needs collected. The people of Kastav drowned Captain Morelli in that very pond because he imposed more taxes on them than the Statute prescribed. The people of Kastav never revealed the names of the perpetrators.
By the end of the 17th century it was decided that the pond be coved and a well be installed. The well is still standing and the engraved inscription describes the event. The first public school in the greater Kastav area opened its door in Kaštel in 1770.

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