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Horseback riding

OPG Ranch Sivi Vrabac

In addition to walking, jogging and cycling, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Loza and Lužina forests from a different perspective – riding a horse on the OPG Ranch Sivi Vrabac. This well-known riding and recreational centre is located in the immediate vicinity of the old town of Kastav, right at the beginning of the forest walking path, only 350 metres from Crekvina. The ranch offers individual and sporting-recreational horseback riding for beginners and advanced riders. With the expert guidance of a coach in the Small Riding School (in the total duration of 13 hours), participants of all age groups can acquire basic riding skills in various gaits (walk, trot, gallop). After completing the school of recreational riding (a total of 35 hours), participants receive a certificate. Experienced riders can enjoy a three-hour excursion to Škalnica with lots of trot and canter. The opportunity to encounter beautiful horses from the OPG Ranch Sivi Vrabac and the hospitality of its owners are additional reasons why the forests around Kastav are increasingly popular among visitors to this area.

Full name: OPG ranč Sivi Vrabac
Recreational riding centre
Info: owners Rocco and Marija Petté
Mobile phone: +385 (0)98 962 87 49

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